How to Maximise the Space in Your Kitchen

13 February 2014

The average size of a kitchen in the UK is now 121sq ft and the room is without a doubt the heart of the home, as families spend more time relaxing in the kitchen than they do in the lounge. Although kitchens are much larger than they once were, it’s still vital to maximise the space available as it is such as important room in the home.

There are key ways you can incorporate more space into your kitchen, whether you are planning to have the space redesigned or just looking to improve your current set up, these top tips below will help you get shelving


Good storage is one of the best ways to free up as much space as possible in the kitchen and make the space much more usable. • Go high with shelving

• Shelving enables you to make the most of the room available within units and on walls. By including shelving units around large items such as fridges, you can make use of all the space available, as this image illustrates. Shelving also helps you make the most of ‘dead space’ often found in corners or above large items and you can also use the underside of shelves for hooks to store even more items.

• Mounted utensils
Displaying utensils using magnets on the wall frees up valuable drawer space and makes cooking much easier. Knife blocks in particular are often bulky so create more space by getting rid of the block and fixing the knives to the walls.

• Keep the floor clear
Obstacles on the floor, such as bins, can look unsightly and also present a trip hazard for people using the kitchen. Storing your bin in a cupboard is a great way to keep your rubbish out of sight and keep your kitchen looking clean. Simple Human offer a range of bins suitable for in-drawer storage.


As kitchens are so busy, the space can soon become overloaded with clutter which can increase stress levels when people can’t find anything.

• Organise like for like and within easy reach
A great tip is to store the items you use most when cooking within easy reach of the cooker, it sounds obvious but having to walk over to the other side of the room to get a spoon or spices can be really frustrating. Storing similar items together, such as baking paper, tin foil and cling-film, can save time and stress searching for items in every cupboard.

kitchen chalkboard• Chalkboards
Mounting a chalkboard on the wall is a great way to get your family organised with reminders, meal plans, appointments, messages and schedules. It also avoids messages going missing or adding clutter.

• Butcher’s block trollies
Butcher’s block trollies not only look fantastic but they also offer the double benefit of providing extra storage and organisation. Once used solely by butchers, these blocks are now a stylish choice for a range of kitchen styles from shabby chic and country to industrial style kitchens.

Increase light and space

Increasing the amount of light in your kitchen can save energy on lighting, make the kitchen easier to use and lift the whole family’s mood. A recent survey revealed that over half of 45 year olds would consider buying a house because of the view so maximising the view and natural light in the home is clearly important.

• Install a window seat
A window seat provides a unique space to relax in the kitchen and also create a feature of the window and the view beyond. It also offers plenty of natural light for reading and can provide extra seating at the table too.

• Fit bi-folding doors
If you’re planning to completely redesign your kitchen then it’s worth introducing sliding doors into the design. These doors fold back completely to create a seamless space between the inside and outside of the home which really makes the most of a fantastic view. They also allow natural light to flood into the home and will keep your property warm in winter as they are triple glazed.window seat

• Try extra lighting
If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your kitchen then introducing some cleverly placed lighting will brighten up the space and make it look much bigger. Task lighting under kitchen cabinets makes cooking much easier and statement lighting such as with industrial style lamps can add real drama to the design. Consider upgrading to LED lighting too, as not only is it more beneficial to the environment, you could save around £120 a year on your energy bill as well.

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